TLC for the machine that is your best friend on them hot summer days and cool winter nights

Maintenance and Sanitise

The new installation of your system is a large investment and we highly recommend the air con unit be maintained annually to ensure optimum performance. For any air conditioning systems, regular maintenance is also a requirement of keeping the manufacturers’ warranty.

We Offer an extensive checklist maintenance to ensure your system runs trouble free and at its best all year round. 

Some of things on our service includes Cleaning coils, flushing drains, checking ductwork, replacing/cleaning filters, checking the refrigerant charge, zone operation and much more.

Due for a Maintenance?

Did you know you should be maintaining your ducted air conditioning system every year? If your unit is in need of a repair or due for a checkup, a Barrington Coast Air Conditioning ARC licensed technician can provide you with a timely service.

⭑⭑⭑ For a LIMITED TIME, we can service your Split System for as little as $160 including GST or your ducted system for $220 including GST. These prices are including coil cleans with San-Air V3R. San-Air is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria, mould and germs. ⭑⭑⭑

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Symptoms of a infected air conditioning unit

With frequent use, an air conditioning systems will likely become infected with microbial contamination, Mostly within the colder months when there is a rise in illnesses such as the flu. Ensuring the units are free from these contaminants needs regular cleaning and maintenance as well as larger yearly services.

There are many benefits to servicing your split/ducted air conditioning systems:

✔  Cleaning your AC regularly ensures better air quality

✔  Improves performance and allows it to run more efficiently

✔  Better heating and cooling, improving energy efficiency and lower energy bills

✔  Better sleep

✔  Creates a more comfortable environment

✔  Removes dirt, mould, grime, mites and build up. 

Some of the symptoms associated with contaminated air conditioning include:

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms and use your air conditioning in your home, it might be worth getting your unit serviced. 

The health risks associated with mould is extremely serious so removing these harmful elements is paramount.