Air Conditioning Service and Repairs



Service and Repairs

Air Conditioning Service & Repairs, Commercial & Domestic applications. Our fully/correctly licensed Technicians are equipped and experienced in the repairs/servicing of all types of Air Conditioning Systems including reverse cycle ducted air conditioning, inverter air conditioning and split system room air conditioners.

We can help even if you don’t know the brand of unit!

Diagnosing Air Conditioning Faults

We realise that any issues with a air conditioning system is annoying. Our main priority is to get your system repaired and up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

To start with we will diagnose the issue of your air conditioning problem, then we will advise you of the cost to repair your air conditioner upfront. Once the quotation has been approved, we will book in the repair of your system without delay.

What is the cost to repair an air conditioner?

It’s not easy to advise pricing on a repair cost without knowing the repairs required. Expense is only determined by the level of repair, how labour-intensive the problems are and the cost and availability of the parts needed. We provide a detailed quote of the costs up front so you can decide whether repairs or a new replacement is the better option for yourself.

When will i know if my air conditioner requires repairs?

Noticing things like the airflow is low or the home is hotter or colder than normal, these are all signs that your system needs looking at. Also hearing unusual noises or smells from the system or outlets. Another thing to look out for is your power bill. If an air conditioner unit has a broken component, it tends to work harder and use more power.